Increase the efficiency of your HR department while improving your employees’ experience.

Don’t keep employee data in multiple different platforms, streamline and automate Human Resource Management processes. BLMHRM simplifies the daily tasks of Managers, HR departments, and employees.

BLMHRM eliminates most of the tasks that are currently done manually, such as payroll generation and compliance reports like NOM-035.

By managing all processes with real-time data input into the system, it reduces the potential errors that may occur in the daily management of the Human Resources department.

Don’t make more mistakes; let BLMHRM work and perform calculations for you, regardless of legal and/or regulatory changes.

The system is designed for real-time operation. Know in real-time your employees’ attendance, the courses they have taken (integration with BLMS), their skills (integration with BLManufactura, etc.).

The system allows for alerting responsible individuals to events, such as vacation or overtime approvals, employee absences, delays, etc., so that no task goes undone.

An Information System is not fully utilized unless its information can be effectively exploited.

BLMHRM features a comprehensive reporting and analysis system that enables the exploitation of the system’s information.

Optimize your Human Capital with all the information at your fingertips.

BLMHRM has a comprehensive document management and employee record digitization system that allows real-time access to any document or information needed for any employee.

No more searching for lost or misplaced documents in the file; access all information with just one click.

BLMHRM simplifies and automates many regulatory compliance tasks. Generate payroll with CFDI 4.0, generate real-time compliance reports for NOM-035, create SUA documents for IMSS, among many other processes.

Avoid penalties for non-compliance and leverage the information to enhance employees’ and customers’ perception of your management.

Generate payroll while complying with the legislation by generating the corresponding CFDI 4.0 documents.

Avoid fines for non-compliance.

BLMHRM offers a comprehensive Learning Management Module, specifically designed for managing in-person and/or online courses for employees in any company.

It is based on the Curricular Guide concept, where each employee is required to take courses that are relevant to their department and position.

BLMHRM offers a comprehensive Skills Management Module where you can certify and track the skills of each employee.

Ensure you have the necessary certifications to avoid penalties and have a fully certified workforce in the skills your company needs.


Simplify the management of your Human Capital.

Expediente Digital

Employee File

Store all your employees’ information centrally in one system: documents, vacations, projects, attendance control, etc., all in a single centralized system.


Reduce costs

Ahorre en papel y sobre todo en tiempo ya que BLMHRM le va a permitir realizar todos los procesos de la gestión de su capital humano de una forma simple y rápida.

A un click

Your Human Capital at a Click

Access any information about your employees, contracts, knowledge, attendance control, and generate payroll with a simple click from wherever you are.

A specialized support team to ensure nothing goes wrong

BLMovil has a support team that will keep the system running 24 hours a day, ready to answer any questions you may have about the system or provide recommendations on how to use it.

We also offer online courses and tutorials on how the system works.

When we say we are here to help make your residential facility run better, we mean it.

We digitize Human Capital Managemen

What is BLMHRM?

BLMHRM is an integrated Human Capital digitalization software that combines in a single solution employee documentation management, project assignment, recruitment, knowledge and skills management, geolocation-based attendance control, as well as payroll calculation, generation, and stamping, along with the generation of files for bank dispersion or check generation, among many other functionalities.

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