Solutions inspired by the real needs of Human Resources departments in any company.

Digital Employee File

All employee data just one click away

Access employee data, their knowledge, job position, documents, vacations, absences, attendance control, payroll, etc., all with just one click.

Project Management

Control project deadlines and costs

BLMHRM offers project management, where each employee logs their hours for each project they are assigned to. Know the cost of each project accurately.

Attendance Control

Know where each employee is at any given moment

The attendance control system allows employees to register their presence using their own mobile phones, identifying their geolocation and taking a selfie. It enables the identification of delays and absences.

Vacation Management

A complete system for managing each employee's vacations.

BLMHRM allows users to see their available vacation days, request the ones they want to take, and have their supervisor approve them

Recruitment Management.

Automate the recruitment management process.

La solución dispone de un sistema completo de reclutamiento que permite hacer el seguimiento de cualquier solicitud


BLMHRM includes a NOM-035 compliance module.

The system allows employees to complete the forms at specified intervals or when an issue has occurred. In the event of an audit, it can display the corresponding reports.

Payroll Calculation

Calculate each employee's payroll and generate the corresponding CFDI documents.

BLMHRM has a comprehensive payroll management system that allows for the easy generation of each employee's payroll, as well as the creation of CFDI documents and bank dispersion files.


BLMHRM integrates with multiple solutions.

It has native integration with BLMS and BLManufactura and offers integration web services for employee onboarding, timesheets for payroll calculation, attendance clock files, and more.


Harness the full potential of BLMHRM.

We offer a variety of training options so you can get the most out of BLMHRM, including online courses, in-person training sessions, webinars, allowing you to learn in the way that suits you best.

Cloud Publishing.

Don't worry about server management; we take care of it for you.

Ofrecemos diversas opciones de capacitación para que pueda aprovechar al máximo BLMResidencial, que incluyen cursos en línea, capacitaciones presenciales y webinars, de modo que pueda aprender de la manera que mejor le convenga.

NOM-037 - Homeworking

BLMHRM allows you to comply with NOM-037 and avoid penalties.

Manage all NOM-037 requirements from the same platform. Control materials on loan, allow employees to request telecommuting, conduct surveys on the safety and ergonomics of telecommuting locations, and more.

Knowledge Management Module.

Manage both online and in-person learning for your employees in a comprehensive learning platform.

BLMHRM - Knowledge Management allows you to have a comprehensive LMS (Learning Management System) platform to manage the online or in-person courses that your employees need to take.

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Skills Management Module

Manage your employees' skills and prevent quality and compliance issues.

BLMHRM - Skills Management allows you to have a platform that will enable you to improve the quality of your production and manage your clients' compliance effectively.

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