We offer a Knowledge Management System (KMS) platform that allows you to control the entire knowledge management process of your employees, both online and in-person within your company.

The Knowledge Management Module allows you to create training plans for employees in your company based on their profiles. Each employee will have their own curriculum based on their department and position. You can allocate costs to different departments within the company and track the progress of employee training.

BLMS features the innovative concept of a Curriculum Guide, where each employee is assigned specific courses to take based on their department and job position.

BLMS manages both online and in-person courses.

In the case of in-person courses, there is an approval workflow to verify the employee’s attendance.

The system is set up to track the attendance of students in in-person courses.

If a student doesn’t attend the minimum number of sessions established for the course, they cannot pass it.

BLMS has course expiration management for handling certifications with specific durations.

The system notifies the employee and their direct supervisor three, two, and one month before the certification expires, allowing them to plan for recertification if necessary.

BLMS features a functionality that allows students to download PDF diplomas of the courses they have completed on the platform at any time.

Enseñanza en línea

Manage your employees’ knowledge.

Expediente Digital

Expediente del Empleado

Almacene a toda la información de sus empleados centralizada en un único sistema, documentos, vacaciones, proyectos, control de presencia, etc., en un único sistema centralizado


Reduzca costos

Ahorre en papel y sobre todo en tiempo ya que BLMHRM le va a permitir realizar todos los procesos de la gestión de su capital humano de una forma simple y rápida.

A un click

Su Capital Humano a un Click

Acceda a cualquier información de sus empleados, contratos, conocimiento, control de presencia, y genere la nómina con un simple click desde cualquier sitio donde se encuentre

We enhance your learning management.

What is BLMS?

BLMS is a Learning Management System software specifically designed to meet the training needs of employees in any company. We have developed the innovative concept of a Curriculum Guide, where each employee is required to complete a series of courses based on their department and position, allowing you to check the real-time progress of each employee at any time.


A solution inspired by the real needs of Human Resources administrators and Knowledge Management departments.

Curriculum Guides

Each employee is assigned the courses that correspond to their department and position through Curriculum Guides.

Define the courses that each employee must complete based on their department and position, and track their progress in real-time on their curriculum guide.

Attendance Control.

Manage employee attendance at in-person courses.

The attendance control for in-person courses allows you to specify the required attendance percentage for a student to pass the course. It also allows you to indicate the reason for any absences.


BLMS is compatible with market LMS standards.

BLMS allows you to upload SCORM files, making it possible to purchase courses created by third parties and load them directly onto the platform.

Any type of content.

Upload any type of content to the courses.

BLMS supports any type of content, including text, videos, images, PDFs, presentations, HTML5, etc., allowing you to create courses based on your company's needs.

Diverse assessments.

Generate various different exam formats

BLMS supports various types of exams, including single or multiple-choice tests, free-text answers, image or text matching, uploading documents or assignments, and more, offering different ways to score students.

Course planning.

Automatically plan courses, instructors, classrooms, and groups.

BLMS has a course planning system that allows you to assign subjects, instructors, classrooms, and groups over time, considering the appropriate availability constraints for each resource.

Online diplomas.

Allow your employees to download their diplomas directly.

BLMS allows employees to directly download the diplomas for the courses they have completed from the system, complete with the company's logo and the signature of the manager.

Online and in-person courses.

Manage both online and in-person courses on a single platform.

BLMS allows for the management of both online and in-person courses. For the latter, it provides details such as the location, classroom, instructor, and dates when the course will take place.

Course calendar.

Allow employees to access the course calendar.

BLMS allows employees to check both the courses they are already enrolled in and those they can enroll in.

Approval workflow.

Control whether an employee can enroll in a course on a specific date through an approval workflow.

Configurable approval workflows allow you to set up the individuals responsible for approving an employee's attendance in a course, considering cost or production-related factors.

Certification expiration.

Recertify your employees regularly.

BLMS allows you to set an expiration for courses, requiring employees to recertify and sending reminder notifications to both the direct supervisor and the employee.

Email notifications.

Receive email notifications for various employee activities.

BLMS generates email notifications for various events, including workflows, course date reminders, or recertification reminders, for example.

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