Simplify the management of your employees’ skills.

Streamline the process of managing your employees’ skills. Know what each employee is qualified to do, access their certification data online to expedite audits, assess and obtain on-site certifications in real-time.

BLManufactura allows you to view both details and global information

Gain insights into both an individual employee’s skills and the skills of employees in a plant to enhance decision-making.

BLManufactura helps improve your company’s compliance.

The skills management system in BLManufactura allows you to know who has the capability to perform a specific operation in a particular job position to manufacture a product, displaying all the necessary evidence.

Online exams

The system allows for on-site exams, identifying the employee’s skill level, validating answers, and providing digital signatures from both the employee and the examiner.

Maintain employees’ skills over time.

The system allows for the management of employee skills recertification based on deadlines, process changes, or client requirements, ensuring that employees always have up-to-date skills.

Cover the management of your company’s employee skills.

On-site exams.

Conducting employee certifications on-site

The system allows for on-site verification of whether an employee possesses the necessary skills directly at their workstation, ensuring the actual compliance with the skill.

Employee Skills Inquiry

Check all the skills each of your employees possesses

Review each employee's skills, when they acquired them, who examined them, and check the results of the skill certification exam. Identify the employee's skill percentage based on the plant's needs.


We integrate with in-house or third-party systems

We integrate with multiple software systems to ensure you get the most out of the platform. You can obtain employee data, product information, operations, job positions, and courses received from other external systems or from BLMovil.

Constraint Management

Manage temporary or permanent constraints that an employee may have

Control the issues that an employee may have and need to be managed for a specific task, such as wearing glasses or being left-handed in a task designed for right-handed individuals, etc.


Make the most of BLMHRM - Skills Management with online courses

We offer a variety of training methods so you can get the most out of BLManufactura, including online courses, in-person training, webinars, allowing you to learn in the way that suits you best.

Cloud publishing

Don't worry about server management; we handle it for you

We ensure that the system is operational 24/7, handle backups, manage software updates, monitor the system, and provide support for requests.

Certification expiration

Recertify your employees regularly

BLMHRM - Skills Management allows you to set an expiration for courses, requiring employees to recertify, and sending reminder notifications to both the direct supervisor and the employee.

Email notificarions

Receive email notifications for various employee activities.

BLMHRM - Skills Management generates email notifications for various events, such as workflows, course date reminders, or recertification reminders, for example.

Carta de Habilidades

You can check the skills each employee has online.

BLMHRM - Skills Management allows you to check the skills of each employee, each production line, and each plant online. This helps in planning both jobs and the necessary certifications to meet production requirements.

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